Fan Page Setup

Facebook has evolved into a viable marketing tool for some businesses. It presents perhaps the easiest platform that can be found to become more visible to a specific target market and to engage ongoing with customers. Setting up a Facebook Fan Page and promoting it isn’t rocket science, but much can be said for experience and developing an expertise. There are search engine benefits to linking a Facebook Fan Page with a business website. has developed a protocol and set standards for graphics that are designed and tailored specifically for Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Ads. Fan Page setup is included as a free service with our Jump Start Single-Point Marketing Promotion.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising options are a great reason to have a Fan Page. Never before in history have advertisers been able to so specifically narrow their marketing focus and for as little as a few dollars per day. can manage Member advertising and provide statistical reports and information or we can provide explanation of Fan Page management and guidance with Facebook advertising.

Pay-Per-Click AdWords manages Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords campaigns on behalf of Members to ensure maximum results. We stay informed on web trends, popularly used search terms and phrases and newly emerging opportunities for our Members to gain online exposure and increase sales.


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