Business-Class Websites creates HTML5/CSS3 Business-Class websites. Our proprietary True-Responsive Development Protocol ensures our sites view and function optimally on ANY device. TIMEbranding sites include smart Google Maps or can be upgraded with powerful, multi-layer/multi-provider enterprise web-map technology that also incorporates advanced navigation options such as Google Earth KML marker downloads. Site visitors have easy to use maps at their fingertips which makes navigating to our Members from their websites easy.

Every business has a unique set of goals they need to accomplish online. It’s our job to help discover what those goals are and create a defined path to achieve them. From the outset we help our Members create optimal site content to attract the visitors they want. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” can be directly applied to how search engines rank a site by its content. ensures that our Members have site content that matches common search words, terms and phrases as priority one when developing each site. Also, our designs are simple yet luring and our Business-Class site layout formula is intuitive and easy to navigate on any device.


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