Jump Start $749


Small Business JUMP START Promotion $749/Year* (promotion details)

A $375 nonrefundable deposit starts the promotion. After the website is published and upon completion of the project to Member satisfaction the balance of $374 is due. (Typically 15 to 21 days.)

Business-Class Website (up to 5 pages plus contact form subpage – one year)

The more site content a new Member can provide about their products and services and the more high quality pictures provided the better! However, most our small business Members when they first started had NO CONTENT. This is when the TIMEbranding.com ‘take charge’ mentality takes the pain out of the process of content generation for small business owners.

JUMP Member sites are HTML5/CSS3 built under our True-Responsive Development Protocol. All TIMEbranding sites view and function optimally on any device always. Calling JUMP Members from their website is by touch of a button on a smart phone. JUMP Business-Class presentational sites are up to 5 pages plus a contact form subpage.

SEO Setup (optimized for Google)

The file naming schema and narrative content of a website are critical considerations for search engine recognition and ranking. TIMEbranding.com considers every small detail and aspect of our websites to maximize their search engine value during the course of development and ongoing. This is one of the many advantages of working with a single-point provider for representation on the web. Not only are the SEO aspects of web development complex, but they are also ever changing. Staying informed of emerging Google site ranking standards and causing our sites to be current and configured to leverage search engine value is why we wake up every day.

SEO Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is complex and always changing. All TIMEbranding sites are maximized for search engine value. As principles of SEO evolve, so do TIMEbranding websites. SEO Maint 1.1 is an assurance that our sites stay optimally configured adherent to current Google SEO standards. SEO Maintenance 2.1 includes all of 1.1 and incorporates varies Google Developer advance SEO techniques and trades. The easiest way to compare TIMEbranding SEO maintenance programs is like this: 1.1 is everything (we know of) that can be done to optimize a website within itself. 2.1 includes that full spectrum of site development and maintenance and also includes other off-site search engine ranking work ongoing – mainly through Google Web Developer SEO tools and techniques.

Web Hosting & Email (1st year included)

Web Hosting and Email is included for the first year under this promotion as well as license of all site content generated by TIMEbranding. This promotion includes up to 4 email forwards and 4 email accounts. TIMEbranding sites are firewall protected and download speeds are enhanced by content delivery technology and server caching.

2 Web Graphics (Facebook Fan Page optimized)

These 2 web graphics cause a Facebook Fan Page to standout and match our Member websites and other marketing material we provide. Web Graphics are formatted optimally for a Fan Page profile pic and cover pic.

Free Facebook Fan Page Setup

TIMEbranding.com will set up your company Fan Page for free. We properly upload the web graphics we create to your new Fan Page and we insert your company information into the correct fields. In many ways a Facebook Fan Page serves as a GREAT marketing compliment to a business website. Facebook Fan Pages are browser, tablet and smart phone ready. On a smart phone, even a non-Facebook user visitor accesses company information including phone number, hours and a map. What’s not to like?

Guaranteed Annual Membership Fee

After first year included in promotion, without site upgrades, JUMP Members enjoy a guaranteed annual Membership renewal fee for 2 consecutive years at $749 per year. After the first year Members can choose $449 biannual payments if preferred. No contractual commitment required.


Domain Name/URL (one year)

This is one of the most important things you can do for your business if you don’t already have your Domain Name. We will register your company’s Domain Name under our business account and manage it on your company’s behalf ongoing, or at any point after completion of the project we can teach qualified Members how to manage Domain Names and transfer management. $50 first year. $30 per year subsequent years.

Company Logo (see Member samples)

Some graphic design houses offer three different possibilities for logo designs from which a customer can choose. We present one. Odds are you’ll LOVE it. We strive for first rendition – full approval with every new Member. A company’s entire branding should be built upon their logo which should spell out their WEB ADDRESS! Member must approve logo. We only encourage new Membership signup to business owners who like our work. Samples provided upon request. $75 upgrade. (We make this very exciting because it is!)

1000 Business Cards (16pt matte finish- color both sides) $160

Like every other service we offer, with our business cards and other print jobs we aim high and deliver to Member satisfaction. We highly recommend the 16pt card stock with dull matte finish; however, we can accommodate other preferences. This upgrade includes certain other card stocks and print options on standard US business card dimension paper (2” X 3.5).

Rounded corners add $22. Increase to 5000 cards add $75. Additional renditions with same design/typeset and variant content info $90/1000 – $165/5000). Business card re-orders with same design/typeset and content info for Members are $70/1000 & $145/5000 per rendition. Reorder prices guaranteed 18 months from sign up.

Enterprise Web Map & Navigation App ($150 setup $75 per year)

Not too many sites on the internet incorporate multi-layer/multi-provider Enterprise Web-Map Technology the way TIMEbranding does. Our Enterprise Web Maps enable site visitors with advanced easy to use maps and navigation tools at their fingertips. Expanding URL-locked web-map functions and location information download protocols and standards are the future emerging to navigate through the civilized world. TIMEbranding has demonstrated these capabilities for more than two years.

Other possible upgrades to this promotion include, but are not limited to: additional pages – $50 and up, additional emails – $10 per forward and $25 per account per year, premium graphics such as the professional model/photographer pics on this site – $35 and up one time, charts – $35 and up, other customized features and design attributes – $50 and up.

A good example of a TIMEbranding Business-Class website is the site you are on AT THIS MOMENT! This site is the result of our algorithm for what every smart business needs” to function and survive in the months and years ahead.

This site for reference can be valued as such: JUMP Business-Class $749, Extra Pages $250 (discounted), Premium Graphics $80, 3 Simple Charts $60. So the grand total setup fee including first year of everything and a one dollar tip for TIMEbranding would be $1139 for the site you are on with an annual Membership renewal of $749.


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