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TIMEbranding.com sets high standards in business logo design. Our ambition is creating logos that also reveal a Member’s web address. We do this because we can. There are no rules in logo design and TIMEbranding is a trend-setting enterprise. We highly recommend the practice of what we are branding, ‘URL Logos.’ If a picture is worth a thousand words how much more valuable is a business logo that also gives directions to the website? If you like our Members’ logos you’ll likely love the logo we create for your business.

More and more web surfers believe they have arrived at the Internet when they land at Google.com. Instead of typing web addresses in the web address field (top of the browser with the http:) web surfers just type in company names in the Google search bar. Also, smart phone browsers default to a search engine, most commonly Google. Users are auto-prompted to enter a search when typing Domain Names direct-to-site.

A business that incorporates the ‘.com’ as part of their logo prompts their prospects to enter the ‘.com’ with the company name when searching for them online. The search engine benefits to small businesses of this dynamic are obvious.

The cost of logo design as a standalone service starts at $149. (In the world of logo design you can’t please everyone, but we try.)


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