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Don’t let the name deceive you – our single-page sites are content rich and provide much more than MANY small business multi-page sites contain. creates HTML5/CSS3 single-page websites under the same True-Responsive Development Protocol we use creating our Business-Class sites. Single-page sites also view and function optimally on ANY device. SEO optimization is priority one each phase of development.

We include a contact form sub-page and a standard Google map under the PUSH START Promotion. Single-page sites are created with the same wide-screen “BIG” effect we implement in our Business Class sites. Impress viewers with an artistic design that also vividly shows your business and what you do.

Please visit the SGV Janitorial single-page site created by TIMEbranding to understand our approach to content creation. No content was provided by this Member whatsoever, which is typically the case with each new Member. When we build your company’s site expect to see yourself in a new light.

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